The FreeMind Project Charity

WeAreOne is very proud to support our sister organisation the FreeMind Project Charity  (reg. no 1126454). 


The FreeMind Project is a social change organsiation dedicated to bringing more unconditional love, happiness and wisdom to the world by changing the lives of the future generations. 


Here below is a short video about the FreeMind Project Vision for a more beautiful world.

We give 50% of our profits to the FreeMind Project, so by supporting WeAreOne you are supporting this brilliant mission. Check out the FreeMind project website to get loads of ideas, inspiration and products to help you enjoy a life  with more love and happiness.

Alternatively you can buy the FreeMind Peace & Power recordings on our music  page.

Those recordings help you enjoy more love and happiness in your life and the proceeds support the

FreeMind Project


If this inspires you and you want to get involved please do get in touch.

Love for all, and all for love!