Tom Fortes Mayer

WeAreOne Founder DJ & MC 

Tom is a long term raver, author, happiness expert, FreeMind hypnotherapist and founder of the FreeMind Project Charity.

Contact for press, DJ / MC bookings, festivals and collaborations.

Rhia Pratsis

WeAreOne Head of Production

Rhia is a long term raver, music event producer, workshop facilitator and FreeMind hypnotherapist.

Contact for event management, performer applications, volunteering and all legal matters

WeAreOne Vision

We are passionate about creating beautiful parties that warm the heart, inspire the mind, energise the body and nourish the soul. We  believe in the power of music and connection and we harness it to help people enjoy more love and happiness in their lives. We are making the world a more beautiful place one party at a time.   


WeAreOne Values

Freedom - We believe in welcoming everyone exactly as they are.  Be free

Playful - We believe in the beauty of being child like - spontaneous, creative and joyful. Be young

Honour- We believe in respecting each others boundaries, beliefs and behaviours. Be respectful

Shine - We believe in encouraging people to enjoy being magnificent in dress, dance and heart. Be daring

Community - We believe in coming together regularly to support and inspire each other to be our best. Be family

Love - We believe in unconditional love for all beings and bring love to everything we do. All are cherished. Be love